About Us

Designed by Farmers for Farmers

A day in the life of a farmer is not an easy one. It begins long before the first rays of the morning sun appear over the horizon, and it doesn’t end until long after the light fades from the night sky. We know because we are a family of farmers. When we first developed Cone Guard (Patented) it wasn’t because we were a large, commercial wholesaler just looking to make a dollar. We were a family-owned farm looking for the best way to fix a common problem.

With experience that can only be gained by working in the fields, Cone Guard products were designed and tested using real-world applications rather than in an air-conditioned lab in a big city. It was farm-tested right here in our own fields. Designed by farmers, for farmers means that you can have confidence that Cone Guard will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Case IH protection and repair

Cone Guard offers cost-effective solutions for protecting and maintaining Case IH Combines with worn or damaged transition cones, rotor cages and front covers. Its patented design is a third of the cost of traditional replacement options, and effective enough to withstand even the toughest environments.

Designed and built in the USA, Cone Guard products are made from 10-gauge, high abrasion-resistant steel. Whether you are needing to repair worn or broken transition cones or are looking for a product that will protect and extend the life of your rotor cage, Cone Guard offers the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Combine repair solutions that save you Time and Money

Saving farmers both time and money was a big consideration for us when designing Cone Guard products. We know first-hand that every minute you spend repairing your machinery instead of working the fields can add up to costly delays. That’s why our patented products are not only a third of the cost of purchasing new , but they also save you time on installation.

With Cone Guard, you can get back up and running faster, at a fraction of the cost. Available to farms everywhere via UPS shipping.

Contact our sales team and discover the farm-tested difference of Cone Guard.