Cone Guard is

Field-Tested and Designed for Durability

Worn or damaged transition cones are a common and often costly problem for farmers nationwide. Not only does it create issues with the performance of your combine in the field, it can also be an expensive and labor-intensive process to repair the damage. Cone Guard was developed as a solution to this problem by a family of farmers who know first-hand the headache that worn or damaged transition cones can cause.

Designed and built in the USA, Cone Guard is a patented solution for Case IH combines with worn or damaged transition cones. Field-tested to ensure durability, Cone Guard is made from five panels of 10-guage, highly abrasion-resistant steel and is designed to fit the existing transition cones on 7, 8 and 9 class flagship combines without any modification.

Less Than One-Third of the Cost

As any farmer knows, time is money. Lengthy repairs aren’t just costly, they can also put you behind schedule in the fields. Cone Guard was designed with this in mind. Not only is this product less than a third of the cost of a new transition cone, installation is also streamlined to save you time. Unique compared to other options on the market today, Cone Guard does not require the removal of the rotor for installation. This streamlined process saves you both time and money, as repairs can be made more quickly.

Cone Guard is not just for the repair of worn and damaged cones, it can also be used as a safeguard against future damage. Regardless of whether you are repairing damaged transition cones or simply looking for a product that will protect and extend the life of the cones, you can rest assured that this cost-effective solution offers everything that you need.

Shipped via UPS

Cone Guard doesn’t just save you money when it comes to installation, we start saving you money before the product ever leaves our facility. Unlike alternative products, we do not ship via freight. Our product is shipped via UPS and doesn’t require the coordinate of a forklift offload, saving you money from the very start.

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Installation Process